Bures – mun lean Uhca-Eliissá nieida, ja mu namma lea Liisa-Rávná Finbog.

I am an Indigenous Sámi scholar and duojár from Oslo/Vaapste/Skánit, on the Norwegian side of the border.

I live in Oslo, and am currently employed at the university here (UiO) as a PhD fellow to look at the relation between museums, Sámi identities, and duodji, the latter of which is a bit difficult to translate, but could maybe be understood as Sámi aesthetical practices.

I also practice duodji myself, hence the designation as a duojár. In my spare time then, or at least in what little there is of it, I like to be creative and you´ll often find me at the sewing machine making the traditional attire of my people and other things of a Sámi origin. I also have a hankering for vintage looks, and at the moment have numerous patterns and fabric that are just waiting to be realized.

Other than that, I like to garden or simply be outside enjoying being part of the world in all its glory. I guess, in a way, this blog is my attempt to share those experiences with whomever cares to listen – or read as the case may be.

So, welcome or bures boahtin as we say in my language.