Of “Lappish origin“, and yet “gracious“

«far from being gracious, most contemporaries perceived the Sámi people to be far inferior to the civilized Westerners, and in fact more likely to be related to animals, or at best a race of beings that had once – in the Stone Age – populated the entirety of Europe. «


«Indigenous language, is at its most basic a body of living cultural knowledge meaning that in Indigenous societies, where written materials have been the excemption rather than the rule, it is the spoken language that serves as literature»

I am a Sámi woman, and so I am strong!

«Appealing to the notion of the strong Sámi women is not, however, a simple compliment on the inborn strength of my people. Though it is true that the legacy of colonialism and the trauma it implies, have forced upon us a greater fortitude, the insidious rationality to the strong Sámi woman is that it silences us.»

In the beginning

where I soon learned that Indiana Jones did not equal a realistic portrayal of archaeologists. Still, I grew to love it