In the beginning

As a small one sleeping in a gietka – a Sámi cradle, while my mother is discussing womens rights

I was born in the 80s to a Sámi family living in diaspora. I guess that has an impact of which path I chose to thread in life.

Both my parents were intellectuals, politically active and socialists. From a very early age I remember our home being visited by their peers and discussions about inequality, social justice and Indigenous rights were often topics of discussion over dinner, or better yet, a late night snack; me and my younger brothers sneakily – or so we thought – hiding under tables and behind chairs.

I guess it would be fair to say that we were successfully educated from a very early age; taught to stand up for ourselves and others, and always support one another because being Sámi in the 80s and early 90s meant that not many others would.

This mind-set would go on to shape my life, and so when I began to seriously consider what I wanted to do with my life it felt natural to include my Indigenous identity. I began to study archaeology at the University of Oslo, where I soon learned that Indiana Jones did not equal a realistic portrayal of archaeologists. Still, I grew to love it. Digging into the past, learning the history that created our society today became a way of life. As beginnings go, I guess this is as good as any.

Today I consider myself to be an Indigenous scholar, and I continue to dig into the past trying to understand the hows and whys of our world. Currently, my passion takes the shape of a a PhD in museology where I try to look at the relation between Sámi identity, duodji (Sámi aesthetic practices) and museums. If all goes to plan I should be done this year, but my interests and my passions doesn´t end here.

I guess this is the reason why I decided to attempt a blog. I want to continue writing about things I face in my daily life; concerns, issues and eureka movements that I stumble upon, but might not include in my thesis. I don´t really know if what I am writing here will be interesting for others – though I hope it will. I also have noe idea whether I´ll be writing often or the scale of what I´ll be covering. But if you do happen to stumble by, stick around. Maybe you´ll find it worthwhile? And maybe you´ll disagree. Regardless, I´m happy to share my musings

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