«To a trained eye, the costumes marketed by said company are of course easily spotted as fake, but its not so much a question of the visuals being authentic or not. To a much larger degree, the problem is that our cultures are still perceived as a free for all, the property of no one and therefore applicable to everyone.»


«Indigenous language, is at its most basic a body of living cultural knowledge meaning that in Indigenous societies, where written materials have been the excemption rather than the rule, it is the spoken language that serves as literature»

I am a Sámi woman, and so I am strong!

«Appealing to the notion of the strong Sámi women is not, however, a simple compliment on the inborn strength of my people. Though it is true that the legacy of colonialism and the trauma it implies, have forced upon us a greater fortitude, the insidious rationality to the strong Sámi woman is that it silences us.»

In the beginning

where I soon learned that Indiana Jones did not equal a realistic portrayal of archaeologists. Still, I grew to love it